Domestic Violence Definitions

Performing violent acts in the home is a serious crime. In recent years many programs have been put in place in order to promote the reporting and intolerance of domestic violence occurrences. So what exactly constitutes domestic violence? By knowing what acts can be considered forms of domestic related violence you are better able to protect yourself and your loved ones from these situations.

The Definition of Domestic Violence

In the United States, each state has the ability to make their own laws and definitions concerning violence in the home. However, in general this illegal activity of violence is defined as an act done by a family member or household member against another family member or household member in order to cause harm, be it physical or otherwise. Some common acts and offenses that can fall under this classification can include:

· Causing physical harm and abuse
· Physical assault, such as making threats or causing serious intimidation
· Performing physical battery and other forms of violent contact
· Bodily injuries, be they minor or severe
· Performing sexual assault and battery, including spousal rape
· Threatening or implying the intention to cause harm to the other household member

These are some of the acts that can usually fall under the definition of domestic violence. This crime can be punished through fines, jail time, probation, legal orders, or any combination of those items, depending on the severity of the act. If you have been accused of committing this crime it is important you seek legal counsel to protect your rights and freedoms.

For More Information

Because the laws concerning violence in the home vary from state to state it is important to take measures to find out what laws you are responsible for abiding by within your home state. If you would like to know more about domestic violence or criminal defense law, visit today.