25 Remarkable Domestic Violence Facts

Domestic violence is an issue in many marriages and relationships across the country, women and men who suffer from this cycle of abuse oftentimes are so committed to that cycle that they never seek support until it has become so visible to others that they can no longer deny it. Here are some remarkable facts about this disease:

1. Statistics about domestic violence, spousal abuse and intimate partner abuse currently come from only two sources-agency and survey data-this makes data on domestic violence difficult to interpret because most of the data comes from volunteered information.

2. A recent study found that 50% of spousal violence was two-way-both partners were showing aggression.

3. Drug addicts are responsible for 75% of reported cases.

4. Until 1984, standard police advice when responding to a domestic violence call was to advise the male partner to “walk around the block and cool off.”

5. Children often bear the brunt of spousal abuse, and not just emotionally-over half of spousal abusers abuse their children as well.

6. Spousal abuse is hereditary-it’s a practice that commonly goes from one generation to the next.

7. Lower income families are susceptible to increased levels of spousal abuse, but abuse occurs in families of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

8. Most all abusers feel guilt. They fear being caught.

9. In some cities there were once laws that allowed men to hit their wives before dark-spousal abuse is deeply rooted in culture.

10. One of the leading causes of homelessness is fear of violence caused by a partner.

11. Based on reported data, domestic violence claims the life of two women per week on average.

12. As it turns out, deaths of men due to partner violence occur at the same rate as deaths of women.

13. Nearly two thirds of all murders carried out by boys between the ages of 11 to 20 are intended to protect their mother from an abuser.

14. Men are often afraid to report being a victim of abuse.

15. There are more animal shelters in the United States than shelters for battered women.

16. Drug abuse or alcohol abuse and domestic abuse are separate conditions. Ending drug addiction will not stop a person from demonstrating abusive characteristics.

17. Many assaults are planned. They are not sudden bursts of violence.

18. According to the Domestic Violence Source Book, home violence killed as many women in the 1990s every five years as the total of American deaths in the Vietnam war.

19. Around one third of all reported incidents involving domestic violence include weapons.

20. Around 80% of all prisoners in the state of Ohio come from families where domestic violence was present.

21. One quarter of all divorces in middle-class families are due to spousal abuse or domestic violence.

22. Abuse during pregnancy often results in women having babies with birth defects or a miscarriage.

23. Locally, law enforcement agencies do not have to keep data on victim/offender

relationships that involve violence. They are only required to track this information if it is related to murder.

24. Research has shown that pets are affected by Domestic Violence too, just like humans are.

25. In 1984 the U.S. Attorney General recommended automatic arrest when police responded to calls about domestic violence.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse it is imperative that you seek help. This help could come in the form of an attorney or even a police officer. Violence always becomes progressive and eventually it will spiral to a point where someone is hospitalized or worse. Don’t let that happen to you.